Array of diverse fluorescent lights illuminating a room brightly.

5 Best Fluorescent Lights: Illuminate With Superior Glow

Illuminate your space with the 5 best fluorescent lights for superior glow: hykolity emits 4200 lumens, F8T5 provides sleek modern lighting, Sunlite offers 1050 lumens, KOR is perfect for kitchens and RVs, and more. Enhance your lighting experience today with the Best Fluorescent Lights!

Quick Recommendations:

  1. hykolity 4FT LED Shop Light: Offers 4200 lumens of brightness at 5000K Daylight White, energy-saving with 42W usage, easy installation; packaging concerns.
  2. F8T5 Circle Fluorescent Lights: Sleek and modern, 420 lumens at 4100K, long-lasting with 20,000 hours life; not ideal for warmer light preferences.
  3. Sunlite FC8T9/DL Fluorescent Lamp: Bright 1050 lumens with vibrant 6500K daylight color, energy-efficient, easy install; may not fit all fixtures.
  4. KOR Fluorescent Lights: Warm white, 900 lumens brightness, 15,000 hours of glow, easy install; packaging and bulb damage issues.
  5. Barrina Fluorescent Lights: Exceptionally bright with 2200 lumens, low 20W power consumption, linkable up to 8 tubes; switch design could be better.

Comparison Table: Best Fluorescent Lights

Product NameImageKey FeaturesIdeal ForProsConsPurchase Link
hykolity 4FT LED shop lighthykolity 5000K LED Shop Light Linkable, 4FT Daylight 42W LED...4200 lumens, 5000K Daylight White, 42W usage, ETL certified, Linkable, up to 50,000 hours of lightGarages, workshops, basements– Bright and energy-efficient
– Easy installation
– Packaging and shipping concernsCHECK PRICE
F8T5 Circle fluorescent lightsF8T5 Flourescent Light Bulbs - 12 inches Under Cabinet Bulb...8 watts, 4100 Kelvin, 420 lumens, 20,000 hours average life, Tubular shapeUnder-counter lighting in kitchens, RVs, patios, marine applications, cabinetry– Long-lasting and easy to install
– Suitable for sleek modern settings
– May not suit those preferring warmer light tonesCHECK PRICE
Sunlite 41314 FC8T9/DLSunlite 41314 FC8T9/DL 8-Inch T9 Round Fluorescent Circline...22 watts, 1050 lumens, 6500K daylight color temperature, G10Q 4-Pin Base, 10,000 hours lifespanResidential and commercial environments– Energy-efficient and bright
– Easy installation
– Compatibility issues with fixturesCHECK PRICE
KOR fluorescent lightsF13T5D – T5 21 Inch Under Counter Fluorescent Bulbs Bright...13 watts, 900 lumens, 6500 Kelvin, 2 pins at each end, 15,000 hours, Pack of 6Under-cabinet or under-counter spaces in kitchens or RVs– Energy-efficient and long-lasting
– Easy installation
– Packaging and damaged bulbs issuesCHECK PRICE
Barrina fluorescent lightsBarrina LED T5 Integrated Single Fixture, 4FT, 2200lm, 6500K...2200 lumens output, 20 watts usage, Linkable design, up to 8 tube lights, Plug-and-play, 3-year warrantyBasements, garages, home offices, attics, storage rooms– Extremely bright and energy-efficient
– Easy installation and durable
– Switch design can be challengingCHECK PRICE

Understanding Fluorescent Lights and Their Benefits

Best Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent lights are known for their energy efficiency and longevity compared to other light sources. Among the various types of fluorescent lights available, fluorescent tube lights stand out for their superior performance. These tube lights aren’t only energy efficient but also have a longer lifespan, making them a popular choice for those seeking sustainability in lighting solutions.

When compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lights consume much less energy, thereby reducing electricity costs. The longevity of fluorescent tube lights further adds to their appeal, as they require fewer replacements over time. While LED lights have gained traction for their energy efficiency, fluorescent tube lights continue to hold their ground as a reliable and cost-effective lighting option.

In the world of innovation, fluorescent lights have paved the way for more sustainable lighting solutions without compromising on brightness or longevity. Their ability to provide efficient illumination while lasting longer than many other light sources makes them a practical choice for various settings.

5 Best Fluorescent Lights for Different Settings

Bright office space, cozy living room, and vibrant kitchen illuminated by energy-efficient fluorescent lights.

When choosing fluorescent lights for different settings, consider the options like hykolity, F8T5, Sunlite, KOR, and Barrina. These brands offer a variety of features suitable for various environments, ensuring you find the best fit for your specific needs.

Whether it’s for your office, garage, kitchen, or any other space, these options provide quality lighting solutions.

1. hykolity

hykolity 4FT LED Shop Light

For those seeking a cost-effective and bright lighting solution for their garages, workshops, or basements, the hykolity 4FT LED shop light offers impressive brightness and energy efficiency. With 4200 lumens of brightness at 5000K Daylight White, this light uses only 42W, equivalent to a 2 lamp fluorescent fixture, saving you 70% energy.

ETL certified, it provides up to 50,000 hours of light, and its linkable feature allows for up to 4 pieces to be connected in various locations.

Best For: Those looking for a bright, energy-efficient lighting solution for their garages, workshops, or basements.


  • Impressive 4200 lumens brightness at 5000K Daylight White
  • Energy-saving with only 42W usage, equivalent to a 2 lamp fluorescent fixture
  • Easy installation with included power cord, hanging chains, and mounting screws


  • Some concerns about packaging and shipping

2. F8T5

F8T5 Circle Fluorescent Lights

With its cool white light color and tubular shape, the F8T5 Circle fluorescent lights are ideal for those seeking a sleek and modern lighting solution in various indoor settings.

These innovative lights, with a wattage of 8 watts and a color temperature of 4100 Kelvin, offer a brightness of 420 lumens, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

The F8T5 bulbs, designed by Circle, aren’t only long-lasting with an average life of 20,000 hours but also easy to install with two pins at each end for quick fitting.

Best For: Those looking for a sleek and modern lighting solution with vibrant and efficient illumination in indoor settings.


  • Long-lasting with an average life of 20,000 hours
  • Easy installation with two pins at each end for quick fitting
  • Suitable for under-counter lighting in kitchens, RVs, patios, marine applications, and cabinetry


  • Fluorescent light may not be preferred by those who prefer warmer light tones

3. Sunlite

Sunlite FC8T9/DL Fluorescent Circline Lamp

Sunlite’s 41314 FC8T9/DL 8-Inch T9 Round Fluorescent Circline Lamp offers a long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting solution perfect for both residential and commercial environments. With its 22 watts of power and 1050 lumens of brightness, this lamp emits a vibrant 6500K daylight color temperature, ensuring a bright and consistent illumination.

The G10Q 4-Pin Base provides easy installation, making it hassle-free to upgrade your space with this efficient lighting option.

Best For: Those looking for a cost-effective and easy-to-install lighting solution with bright and consistent illumination.


  • Energy-efficient with a long lifespan of 10,000 hours.
  • Provides a vibrant 6500K daylight color temperature.
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial environments.


  • May not be compatible with all fixtures.

4. KOR

KOR Fluorescent Lights

If you seek reliable and efficient fluorescent lighting options, consider the KOR fluorescent lights for various settings.

With a warm white light color and 900 lumens of brightness, these 13-watt bulbs are perfect for illuminating spaces such as under-cabinet lights in kitchens or RVs.

The KOR bulbs, with a color temperature of 6500 Kelvin, provide a continuous glow for up to 15,000 hours, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Best For: Ideal for individuals looking for long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting solutions for under-cabinet or under-counter spaces in kitchens or RVs.


  • Energy-efficient 13-watt bulbs with 900 lumens brightness
  • Long-lasting performance with a continuous glow for up to 15,000 hours
  • Easy installation with 2 pins at each end for convenience


  • Some reported issues with packaging and damaged bulbs upon delivery

5. Barrina

Barrina Fluorescent Lights

For those looking for exceptionally bright lighting with low power consumption, Barrina fluorescent lights are the ideal choice. With over 2200 lumens output and a power usage of just 20 watts, these lights offer superior illumination while being energy efficient.

The linkable design allows you to connect up to 8 tube lights, making it versatile for various settings like basements, garages, home offices, attics, and storage rooms. Installation is a breeze with the plug-and-play feature, and the aluminum construction guarantees durability.

Best For: Those seeking exceptionally bright lighting with low power consumption for spaces like basements, garages, home offices, attics, and storage rooms.


  • Super bright with over 2200 lumens output
  • Energy-efficient with low power consumption of 20W
  • Linkable design allows connection of up to 8 tube lights


  • Some users found the switch design slightly challenging

The Role of Color Temperature in Selecting Fluorescent Lights

Two identical rooms comparing warm and cool toned fluorescent lighting ambiance.

Selecting fluorescent lights involves considering the color temperature, an important factor that greatly impacts the quality of lighting in your space. Color temperature refers to the warmth or coolness of the light emitted by the tubes. This aspect plays a significant role in creating the ambiance you desire.

For instance, cooler color temperatures around 5000-6500 Kelvin provide a more energetic and vibrant atmosphere, ideal for spaces where productivity is key. On the other hand, warmer color temperatures ranging from 2700-3500 Kelvin offer a cozy and inviting feel, perfect for areas like living rooms or bedrooms where relaxation is essential.

When choosing the best fluorescent lights, it’s essential to match the color temperature to the intended use of the space. High-quality lighting isn’t just about brightness; it’s also about creating the right mood and enhancing the functionality of the area. By selecting fluorescent lights with the appropriate color temperature, you can illuminate your space with a superior glow that meets your specific needs.

Can Dimmer for LED Lights Be Used with Fluorescent Lights for Adjustable Glow?

Yes, the best dimmers for LED lights can also be used with fluorescent lights for adjustable glow. However, it’s essential to check the compatibility of the dimmer with fluorescent lights before installation to ensure proper functionality. Always consult with a professional for the best results.

A close-up image of a person's hands carefully connecting the wires of a fluorescent light

When installing fluorescent lights, comprehending the process of ballast bypass is crucial for a successful setup. By bypassing the ballast, you enable the electricity to flow directly to the fluorescent light tubes, enhancing energy efficiency and longevity. Here are safety tips to contemplate during the installation process:

Safety Tips for Installing Fluorescent Lights
1. Confirm the power is switched off before starting the installation.
2. Utilize insulated tools to reduce the risk of electric shock.
3. Validate that the fluorescent tubes are securely in place before turning the power back on.

Transitioning from traditional light bulbs to fluorescent ones can seem challenging, but with the right knowledge, you can navigate the installation process smoothly. Remember, safety first to enjoy the benefits of fluorescent lighting efficiently. By following these tips and understanding ballast bypass, you’ll illuminate your space with superior glow.


Overall, fluorescent lights offer a superior glow and energy efficiency compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. By understanding the benefits of fluorescent lights and considering factors like color temperature, you can choose the best option for your specific lighting needs.

Whether you’re looking to illuminate your home, office, or outdoor space, the top 5 fluorescent lights mentioned in this article are sure to provide you with bright and reliable lighting solutions. Illuminate your space with the power of fluorescent lights today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Potential Health Risks Associated With Prolonged Exposure to Fluorescent Lights?

Prolonged exposure to fluorescent lights may pose health risks like eye strain and headaches. Guarantee breaks, adjust lighting levels, and consider LED alternatives for a healthier glow. Prioritize your well-being while enjoying a well-lit space.

Can Fluorescent Lights Be Used Outdoors or in Damp Environments?

Fluorescent lights can be used outdoors or in damp environments, but make sure they are rated for such conditions. Opt for weatherproof fixtures to prevent damage and enjoy energy-efficient illumination in various settings.

How Do Fluorescent Lights Compare in Terms of Energy Efficiency to Other Types of Lighting?

When it comes to energy efficiency, fluorescent lights outshine many others. They consume less power, making them a smart choice for those looking to reduce energy costs. Consider fluorescent lighting to brighten your space sustainably.

Are There Any Specific Disposal Guidelines for Old or Broken Fluorescent Light Bulbs?

When disposing of old or broken fluorescent light bulbs, remember to recycle them properly. Check with your local waste management facility for specific guidelines. Let’s keep the environment safe and clean by handling these bulbs responsibly.

Can Fluorescent Lights Be Dimmed or Used With a Dimmer Switch?

Yes, you can dim fluorescent lights with compatible dimmer switches. Make sure to use dimmable bulbs and a dimmer specifically designed for fluorescent lights. Adjust the brightness to create the perfect ambiance in your space effortlessly.

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